Nymans is an outstanding 20th-century garden, set around a romantic house and ruins, in beautiful woodland, that has something to offer through every month of the year. From the Summer Borders to the Winter Walk you will always find Nymans a special place to visit. The Heather Garden, South African Bed, Chilean Borders, Pinetum, Rock Garden, Rose Garden and many others are all highlights at various points in the year.

In the late 1800s Ludwig Messel bought the Nymans Estate in the Sussex High Weald to make a dream family home. Inspired by the wooded surroundings he created a garden with plants collected from around the world. Here this creative family entertained friends and family, enjoyed relaxing, playing and picnicking in the garden and woods. Today it is still a garden lovers’ home – a place to relax all year round and enjoy a peaceful country garden.

The house was partially destroyed by fire in 1947 and the romantic ruins of a fairytale gothic mansion remain. We are also one of the National Trust’s most eco-friendly properties and we aim to inspire a more sustainable way of living. Inspired by the garden lovers’ home there is a large shop and plant centre with our special collection of plants grown on site.

Every day there are guided walks and talks in the garden and woods, a small gallery in the house with changing exhibitions for every season, a secondhand bookshop, shop tastings and mobility tours of the garden and woods. For children there are natural play trails, geocaching in the garden and woods, pick up and go activities and school holiday trails.

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2 responses to “About

  1. Gill Autie

    I brought a beautiful plant, well perhaps three plants all in one pot, two years ago. They were annuals but easy to collect the seeds. They were pink, blue and white and I am not sure if I should describe them as flowers of bracts but they are beautiful. The problem I have lost the label and wondered if my feeble description if you could let me know what it is.
    Kind regards
    Gill Autie


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